Jake Medwell is a renowned entrepreneur and a significant shareholder in Freight waves company alongside other companies. He is also the founder of the famous 8VC and takes pride in his over five years of consecutive investment in freight tech. His primary focus lies in enterprise and consumer investments. That is why he is primarily interested in the logistics and transport business. Jake spends most of his time building and scaling firms using the latest technology following changing times and space.

Contribution in Freight Waves

He saw the company mature from its infancy stage in 2015, and in 2019, it had hit over $150 million. The company also closed over 500 deals. Jack encouraged the company to invest at least 12 billion in freight tech startups, which was his primary interest.

Jack helped the company to develop in the constantly changing world in terms of technological advancement. He saw the company’s digital freight matching funding, which brought in a fresh wave of technology development across the freight waves industry.

Investments in Freight Waves

In 2020, Q2 Supply Chain Tech ranked Jack Medwell company the highest investor in Freight Waves company. The company invested heavily in disruptive technology companies, topping the list of the most active investor with over 14 deals. Jack believes that emerging platforms will take over the old technology infrastructure in many industries and replace it with new technology. So, his greatest desire is to promote technological innovation and global prosperity across all decades.

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