IM Academy is an online platform offering education on how to get income through foreign exchange (forex) trading. The company uses “GoLive” interactive content reinforced by an all-inclusive library of app-based and pre-recorded data and information. Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry, the Forex experts and private entrepreneurs founded IM Academy in 2013.

The duo’s vision was to provide an online forex trading platform with easy accessibility, and subscription model. The platform’s main goal was to provide the forex enthusiasts with interactive training to help them develop and apply the skills to their trading.

IM Academy has consistently grown, and currently has more than 200,000 active subscribers benefitting from its educational services and products. It is a legally registered corporation, and the company’s global headquarters is based in New York City. It stays ahead of the competition through maintaining a remote working space for its staff which enables them hire top-notch quality talent without geographical restrictions in addition to cost reductions through saving expenses meant for office space and other amenities.

IM Academy’s corporate model has allowed the company to focus its energy exclusively on its education mission and its operations have gone uninterrupted even with the emergency measure to curb the Covid 19 pandemic.

IM Academy has created core products and learning modules called academies. The academies are broken into an assortment of four training programs. All video modules have limitless go-live sessions where students can apply the learnt concepts practically.

The GoLive interactive sessions offered in 13 languages enable the students to interact directly with the trainers and they take place at diverse times to accommodate participants from varied time zones. Each session takes an hour, and accommodates students’ questions and discussions with educators on specific subjects. The IM Academy app also allows students to access all the pre-recorded content from their mobile phones. Students can only proceed to the next module after successfully completing quiz from the previous one. Read this article for more information.


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