The skin is the largest and most important organ in human body. hence, it is important to protect it from any damage. According to Tim loannides, the summer heat plays a significant role in destroying the skin. Basking under the sun can cause sunburns, black spots and, in some extreme cases, cause skin cancer. The dermatologist warns that you should wear protective sunscreen and clothing to protect your skin while enjoying the summer heat outdoors. If you need to work under the sun, ensure you carry an umbrella, wear sunglasses, and a hat or cap to barricade your skin from direct UV rays.

Your skin defends itself from the heat by increasing blood circulation on the skin to prevent DNA mutation. Therefore, next time you get a sunburn, it is a way of the skin protecting its cells. Sunburn is usually red skin, which can be painful. The shorter wavelengths UVB rays cause sunburn and skin reddening, while the longer wavelength UVA rays can cause premature aging and the development of wrinkles. It is worth noting that the UVB and UVA rays can equally cause skin cancer.

Most people assume it is safe to bask under the clouds in summer. However, Tim loannides share that ultraviolet rays can penetrate the cloudsand that can lead to damage of skin Therefore, it is imperative to protect your skin even on cloudy days. You can effectively protect your skin by wearing protective clothing and working under the shade.

The current market is filled with beauty products that claim to protect your skin from heat damage. Tim loannides share that you can protect your skin by using varied methods such as applying sunscreen, wearing light protective clothes, and preventing direct sun exposure. Also, ensure you visit a dermatologist regular for check up to prevent skin damage. Also, ensure you check your skin for any growths, sores, and moles and seek medical attention to have your skin treated on time.

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