Hopewell Baptist Church is a Christian Church located in Napa Valley, California. The Church has a long history since its establishment in 1972. Hopewell Baptist Church started from a humble beginning to become today’s leading spiritual nourishment center. Hopewell Baptist Church, formerly known as Independent Baptist Church, operated at first in the pastor’s living room before securing land in Linda Vista-based Valley Methodist Church.

Upon purchasing the Linda Vista property, Pastor Guzman headed the center for six years before heading to Indiana to further his studies in theology. Brother Guzman’s departure created an opportunity for Pastor Mike Ray to take over the religious duties in 1986.

Over the years, Hopewell Baptist Church has grown tremendously. It has followers serving God in different capacities in the other outlets in Washington, Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Hungary, China, and Bolivia, Cambodia.

The Baton Rouge-born religious leader, Pastor Mike Ray, started preaching at 16 years old. His passion for the Gospel saw his admission to Bible College. Pastor Mike Ray is a graduate with two degrees. His marriage to Verna Weymouth, whom he met in college, has made him a responsible husband, father, and religious leader.

After Pastor Mike Ray took over leadership of Hopewell Baptist Church, he embarked on door-to-door outreach missions in California. Pastor Mike was successful, and in four years, followers started trickling into his Church. It marked the beginning of Hopewell Baptist Church’s spiritual and numerical growth.

Today, Pastor Mike Ray is a popular speaker in Bible conferences and teens camps and conferences. Apart from that, Pastor Mike teaches at the Santa Clara-based Golden State Baptist Bible College.

Hopewell Baptist Church has the sole purpose of winning the lost souls, equipping the saints, and salvaging the straying. You can follow Hopewell Baptist Church through Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Youtube handle for spiritual nourishment. The Church also has in-person services on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For spiritual nourishment, visit Hopewell Baptist Church at any of the specified time.