Today, Heath Ritenour, the IOA (Insurance of America) CEO and Chairman, is a proud cancer survivor. He says that his journey to surviving cancer has been an eye-opening experience in his personal and professional life. Ritenour was hosted for an interview not so long ago, where he went on to share insights into his cancer experience.

A challenging journey

This accomplished business leader said that surviving cancer was a challenging journey. In the beginning, he had very little hope that he would make it and spent most of his time asking, “why me?” The burden of the cancer treatment became heavier when Heath Ritenour discovered that he was too weak to the things that he used to enjoy, like running, basketball, and staying active. He said that feelings of regret, unworthiness, and giving up hope are prevalent in cancer patients.

Luckily for the IOA CEO, he met a very encouraging friend during his chemotherapy sessions. This friend was about his age, had a fantastic family, and had taken the initiative to take control of his cancer situation. This is despite the fact that his cancer could not be managed, and he had to survive on chemotherapy for the rest of his life. Heath Ritenour said that this friend made him have a new appreciation for his life and his situation.

Becoming a doer

The IOA CEO said that before his cancer experience, when he wanted to do something, he would put it on his to-do list. Like many people, he never went ahead to do most of the things on the list. Heath Ritenour pointed out that he took his experience surviving cancer as a second chance for life. Now, when he has something to do, he goes ahead and does it. This doer approach to life has led him to realize most of his ambitions and plans in life. As a result, he has also become a better business leader.