Eterneva, a deathcare company, has always been about the improvement of its concept. For this reason, since 2016, when Adelle Archer founded it, the company has constantly been creating beneficial partnerships. One of the partners has been Baylor University. Through her company, Adelle has been able to bring the idea of diamonds into the deathcare industry. The company’s role has had a significant impact on people’s lives, especially during the pandemic, by giving families and loved ones a chance to honor the deaths in what is best referred to as a digital celebration of life. The biggest challenge for a majority of people during the pandemic was public gatherings. Traditional funerals are known to involve meetings which lead to increased human interaction. However, with the rules against public gatherings, people had to turn to a modern way of grieving.

One of the recent developments in Eterneva is an addition to its leadership. With Adelle Archer as CEO, the two additions being; Rob Kranenburg and David Sweet, who are to take the roles of vice president of operations and vice president of marketing consecutively, have an obligation to serve under Adelle. As a team, the company is set to bring a revolution into the deathcare industry. Different cultures handle deathcare in different ways, but with the new team on board, Adelle is set to spread the company’s services to a wide range of people.

Each of the new additions to the company’s leadership brings on board a unique experience that will help Eterneva achieve its goals. One of the leaders, Rob Kranenburg, has experience in manufacturing engineering. What he can do is evident from the success achieved at organizations he has worked with. For example, during his time at James Avery, he pioneered data-tracking using electronic means. Further, he helped the company achieve great control of its equipment through automation means; these are some of the achievements that very few people have been successful at. With Kranenburg on board, the company is on the right path towards becoming a renowned producer of grief diamonds.

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