Don is a Managing Director of Equity Advisory and Founder of Manifold Advisory Partners. He has been involved in hedge funds and equity research for over three decades, except for six years overseas, working as an export manager in Russia.

Don’s career began as an equity research analyst covering U.S., Canadian, U.K., and Australian markets at Dundee Securities Corporation before joining Prudential-Bache Securities Incorporated in 1985. He moved to CIBC World Markets in 1988 and spent 15 years as a fund manager covering various asset classes. Don left CWM in March 1999 to focus on his family’s farm.

Product development

Don helped develop a fund of funds, portfolio-based product offerings, and several other innovative products. He also played a vital role in developing Japan’s first equity research ETF. Don was instrumental in completing MFS’ automated equity research system, which is used throughout the industry.

Don Manifold company

Although Don Manifold Company produces a wide range of investment products – including securities, fund of funds, and ETFs – it is most widely known for its equity research offerings. Through his Manifold Advisory Partners (MAP), Don has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in equity research assets through various fund structures. This includes the first equity research ETF in Japan and the first Global Indexed Enhanced Bond ETF in the U.S.

Don Manifold Advisory

Don continues to serve as the Managing Director of MAP, which he founded in 2000. MAP has consistently produced high-risk adjusted returns across all markets, particularly in Japan. As a result, the firm has become one of Japan’s most prominent independent consulting firms.

Adelaide Auto Group

Don has served as the Managing Director of Adelaide Auto Group since 2005. He is an active member of both professional and community organizations in Tennessee. And also, a member of the Nashville chapter of the Canadian Club and have been a member for over 25 years. Refer to this page for additional information.