DFINITYIn an effort to rid the world of centralized server farms and grow the number of people who are skilled in open-source coding and platform development, Dominic Williams launched Dfinity USA. The 2016 launch of the company went unnoticed by many, but it has already yielded some big changes in the way that digital transactions are processed. Mr. Williams hopes that increased knowledge and visibility of Dfinity USA will inspire more people to join the blockchain network and advance the goal of decentralized data processing for a more open internet.

Background of Dfinity USA

After Dfinity USA’s founding, Mr. Williams set up an ICO. The 2017 release generated in excess of $195 million. He set these funds aside to launch the Beacon Fund and the Internet Computer Fellowship. In 2018, he created and sold one-quarter of a billion DFN tokens. These tokens yielded an additional $25 million for the fund and non-profit. In May 2021, Dfinity went public. At that time, Mr. Williams set up the Dfinity Foundation. Located in Zurich, Switzerland, it is a nonprofit that administers the funds, fellowships and educational workshops.

Dfinity’s Main Project

Dfinity FoundationThe primary goal of Dfinity is to eliminate server farms. It plans to reach this goal with the Internet Computer. This computing solution was called the Dfinity Computer, but Mr. Williams changed the name earlier this year. The Internet Computer decentralizes the processing of AI and algorithms for apps, platforms and tools. It consists of thousands of nodes. At present, there are about 4,300 nodes. They are spread all over the world. Mr. Williams would like to see an increase of about 25% in the number of nodes per year.

Current Projects of the Internet Computer

There are several apps already running on the Internet Computer. One is Origyn, which authenticates digital art and tangible luxury goods. Another is CanCan, an open-source network for sharing content. It aims to rival TikTok, which is not open-source.

What the Internet Computer’s Future Looks Like

More apps are in development for the Internet Computer. Workshops should help add more educators and developers to the project soon.