Dave AtrobusWorking with Fresh Thinking Group since 2018, Dave Antrobus has successfully executed processes to transform the acquisition process and the life of the business. In addition to advising and managing a diverse group of business partners, Dave also enjoys coaching and mentoring, offering guidance for clients who wish to transform their businesses and get there fast.

As mentor and manager, Dave Antrobus advises teams on all are A/B testing, performance optimization, big data and mobile apps. He holds a BSc in Management from Ohio State University, an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University and a BS in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University. Dave Antrobus says, “In 1999, I decided to take some of the successful approaches to software I had seen working at Fresh Thinking Group and use them as a consultant for other businesses.”

“While not a consultant to these firms, I had a conversation with my brother, Colin Antrobus, one of the founders of Fresh Thinking Group. The idea of a venture-backed capital investment company looking to help companies make changes in their direction was very attractive,” added Dave Antrobus.

He uses FTG to raise private capital for the companies he was helping with software services. This was in 1999, when the concept of venture capital as a means of accessing fresh start-ups was still in its infancy. Fresh Thinking Group was founded in 2018 with the goal of helping companies enter the financial markets. It has since expanded their activity into the real estate sector. Since that time, FTG has continued to acquire businesses with technology capabilities.

Fresh Thinking Group applies a consultative methodology to solving companies’ technology needs. The unique blend of strategy consulting, technology solutions and operational efficiencies has created value for the companies that the firm has invested in. As technology increasingly becomes a business enabler, Dave Antrobus believes it is important to be nimble and to adapt.

Over the years, Fresh Thinking Group has created a strong portfolio of technology companies and talented individuals. FTG is looking to further extend their portfolio of tech-enabled companies. The group has grown significantly in recent years, from one developer in early days to a huge strong tech team today. Along with their tech team, they have developed some effective solutions to some of the biggest technology problems.