The CashFX Group has been a leader in the cryptocurrency trading industry since its inception.

This is because of the way they pay out their customers in Bitcoin.

Alternatively, customers can choose to sell their Bitcoin for U.S. dollars and keep the balance in the cryptocurrency exchange account.

Unlike other online trading companies, you can see the entire balance of your Bitcoin without logging in to the CashFX site.

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As a leader, you will earn a special rank that will allow you to share your platform with others.

When it comes to online investments, CashFX is a great choice for those looking for a way to make money from home.

As a Global Partner, you can earn up to 400% ROI from your initial investment.

The good thing about CashFX is that you can reinvest your earnings to continue to make money.

The program is based on two major ways to make money: investment and referrals.

You can even receive four different types of bonuses depending on your level.

First, CashFX offers the forced matrix compensation plan, which means that you can earn an incredible amount of money by joining the company.

You can earn up to $200 passive ROI and 400% in MLM commissions.

Once you have reached the third level, you’ll earn a Rolex Wristwatch as well as a Travel Trip for two.

To qualify for these rewards, you’ll need to make a $1K contract and refer three people.

Besides being a forced matrix, CashFX also has an incentive program.

When you sign up, you’ll get a position in the FORCED MATRIX and receive a 10% matching bonus on each Trade Contract upgrade.

Once you have reached the manager level, you will also be rewarded with a Rolex wristwatch.

As a Global Ambassador, you’ll have access to exclusive bonuses like a Porsche Car or a Lamborghini Car.

To become a CashFX Global Ambassador, you will need to invest $150, which is paid twice as much as investing.

You’ll be rewarded with a position that pays a ten percent match on your investments when you upgrade your Trade Contract.

Once you are promoted to a Global Ambassador position, you will be rewarded with a luxury car.

The company has an incentive program that rewards members who recruit the most.