Caribou Caribou has developed one of the most diverse and inclusive platforms in the history of logistics business in the United Kingdom and across the borders. The application that is a child of the partnership Caribou has with Cuhu, one of the software development companies in the United Kingdom is changing the logistics landscape by introducing new ways of doing business and, in particular, addressing the logistics landscape of their clients.

The Driver App is a revolutionary software that allows package tracking right from the start of the delivery to the destination at the client’s warehouse. The process involves all the parties, right from the clients, driver, and the back office management staff.

The driver app gets developed so that it collects critical data that guide the decision-making of the party involved. The application is smart enough to assist both the driver and the client in making some decisions regarding their consignment. For instance, the application n can calculate and determine the shortest route and advises the driver to use that route. The application also notifies the client and the back office team that the package has been dispatched and is on the way.

The driver application platform allows the client to get in touch in real-time with the driver and get the exact location at all the time through the GPS tracking located that get integrated into the application. The client can walk through the entire delivery process with the driver and feel part of the process.

Upon arrival at the client’s delivery point, Caribou has made the application quite smart so that it can sort out the warehouse and the driver number by scanning the package. Also, the application records the delivery time for the consignment, GPS location for the warehouse, and the client must sign alongside this information to guarantee that the consignment has arrived safely.


Caribou have gone further ahead and integrated a new feature that requires drivers to provide proof of delivery for every package they deliver. It gets also done through the Driver App by taking a photograph of the consignment at the warehouse.