Caribou Caribou might not be a household name yet, but it is a brand with a certain degree of focus on the customer. Customers are often thought of before they have made a purchase, but there is so much more that goes into the after. Customer care is important, and no one is implying that companies don’t have empathy but how the product gets to the customer is just as important as getting the customer to purchase the initial product, to begin with. Services such as Caribou are here to help bridge that gap. This appears to be a major goal for co-creator Scott Dylan and his team.

What is one way that a company can focus on its customers while still growing its business? One might have a lot of different answers to the question but for the leadership team over at Caribou, it seems to be to focus on the smaller things and build on them. This is where they begin to create that bridge for the customer between their package and their delivery. Monitoring drivers and package tracking are both options that they offer for the customers as they wait. The monitoring is by far the most valuable of the two as it gives them real-time data about the location of their assigned work and an estimated time of delivery.


Additionally, they can cater to large clients or businesses that are looking for a smaller delivery service feel. Caribou has been generating a lot of talk about their pallet services and their storage facilities. The storage facilities are a nice touch because they can often be used when businesses have items that they may want to ship in the future. This just helps to streamline the process even further for them. Caribou even offers freight services so nothing is standing in the way of them delivering a company’s product right to the front door of their targeted consumers. By offering services to both the individual consumer and businesses, the company is showing that they are willing to develop something for everyone without compromising on the level of service that they are quickly becoming known for. So far, this company seems to have a good formula for success in their back pocket and growth is apparent.