Bo Parfet is the head administrator of the Denali Venture Philanthropy organization; he started the organization in 2010 in collaboration with his wife to continue his family’s philanthropic heritage. Together, Bo and Meredith Parfet have committed to providing the resources of Denali Venture towards supporting entrepreneurs who desire to impact positive change in society.

Before his philanthropic journey, Bo Parfet used to manage high-profile investment portfolios in wall street. Bo spent time in his early financial career banking for international investment firms while simultaneously serving the Financial Standards Board. Bo Parfet is a graduate from multiple institutions holding degrees in business administration and applied economics.

Round 2003, while Bo was at the height of his financial career, he set off on an excursion to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. What started as a simple pleasure hike turned into a four-year adventure to climb seven of the highest mountain peaks in the world, dubbed The Seven Summits.

Bo eventually peaked Mount Everest in 2007 after battling through some nail-gripping obstacles. To commemorate the unique experiences, he encountered on the journey, Bo Parfet brokered a partnership between his former school and the Explorers Club. This relationship is meant to create a platform where management students attend lectures from seasoned explorers about making decisions and taking risks.

According to, apart from the philanthropic works at the Denali Venture organization, Bo Parfet has also founded the Seven Summit Award program as one of the successful participants of the Seven Summit journey. This initiative provides students of healthcare research with grant opportunities to support their projects.