Dr. Natale AndreaOver the years, human beings have always believed in seeking better healthcare whenever they feel unwell. Others have made it a routine of going for regular medical checkups to enable them to remain stable throughout their lifetime. Since health has been a significant issue, various technological advancements have made it better.

Although the concepts have been pivotal in the success of the health sector, the brains of human beings still play a role in making service delivery efficient and convenient. That’s why there are colleges established to offer health services.

Dr. Andrea Natale is a perfect example of how human beings play a role in the well-being of others. His healing touch, together with the current tools, allows him to offer exemplary health care services. The unique aspect of him is that if the tools he needs are not there, he creates them himself to make his operations viable.

How has Dr. Andrea’s Journey Been?

His medical skills are not a result of any miracle. He has been practicing in Italy and the United States for more than 35 years. His skills allow him to specialize in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Besides, he is also an expert in cardiac electrophysiology. Andrea Natale has also shared his knowledge through various institutions where he has lectured and enabled him to be a faculty member for 25 years. Some of the achievements under his name also include being the first electrophysiologist in the US. He got the award after performing some ablations on patients who had atrial fibrillations. They were unable to heal through the traditional fibrillation methods.

Andrea Natale is also a graduate of medical school. He began his education at the University of Florence and medical surgery school in 1979. In 1985, Andrea graduated summa cum laude in Medicine and Surgery. He didn’t stop his education at that point. Natale furthered it by attending the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart’s School of cardiology in Rome. He has been crucial to the medical world because his contributions live on. Many patients are still alive, courtesy of his efforts.