Abdul Latif Jameel is a business that has diversified globally, and it has its roots in Saudi Arabia. This family business has flourished for over 75 years and is currently boasting its presence across 30 countries worldwide. Hassan Jameel is the Deputy President and Vice Chairman of this family business. He has worked hard to transform the company to be future-proof while improving its offerings in this digital era.

The company’s fundamental framework is that it has historically taken up developments and innovations in technology, allowing it to be digitally transformed. ALJ was founded by Hassan Jameel’s grandfather in 1945. He acquired a Toyota distributorship in 1955, and it’s now serving seven countries as Toyota and Lexus dealership.

Mohammed Jameel, Abul Latif Jameel’s son, is the Chairman and CEO of ALJ as the business control was passed down to him. The family business has kept its founder’s entrepreneurial spirit to date.

ALJ recently launched a business-to-business platform for its vehicle parts, and it was a major technological development. Soon, the company will launch an exact platform for its consumers. The company has collected data over the many years it has been existing. It will use it in the platform to predict fluctuations and for the betterment of its inventory. Nevertheless, the family business is continually hiring data scientists to analyze the data productively. Hassan Jameel sees this hiring of data scientists as an opportunity to improve problem-solving capacity from the operational, legal, and financial standpoints.

The global pandemic accelerated the ALJ’s plan for digitization considerably. The business started to deliver the vehicles to its customers to their homes and prepared virtual showrooms. Vehicle shopping has significantly changed since customers are already well informed about their car of interest even before it arrives in the showroom. Learn more: https://fbc-gulf.org/en/about/board-of-directors/hassan-jameel